Marc Frons Marc Fronswas named Chief Technology Officer at News Corp in May 2017. He joined the company in October 2015 as Deputy Head of Technology and Global Head of Mobile Platforms and had been interim CTO since October 2016. Previously, he was senior vice president and chief information officer of The New York Times Company. At The Times, he had served as chief technology officer of digital operations since 2006, where he was in charge of technology and product development for digital platforms.

Mr. Frons led a major expansion in technology and product development at The Times, and played a major role in devising and implementing the strategy and technology behind the Times’ successful Digital Subscriptions  initiative, the company’s mobile products, the recent redesign of its primary website, NYTimes.com, and the launch of new subscription based products such as NYT Now.

Mr. Frons started his career as a journalist, a background that gives him unique insight into the capabilities for digital publishers. He was a reporter and editor at Newsweek and a senior editor at BusinessWeek before leaving there in 1995 to start the financial Web site SmartMoney.com, where he held the title editor and chief technology officer. SmartMoney.com was an early pioneer in interactive journalism and data visualization, and won several awards for its innovative technology and design. Before joining The Times, Mr. Frons was the chief technology officer for digital publishing for Dow Jones & Co., where he was in charge of technology and product development for The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and other Dow Jones properties.



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    1. Yes — that’s the point. They always say “no money down” until the time comes to get your car, in which case you should walk away, which is clearly what I should have done. But then I wouldn’t have written the story.

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