Some Notes From All Over

A collection of vital links:

08Bucks-infiniti-blog480What I Learned the Hard Way About Leasing a Car I thought I was a good negotiator until I got emotionally involved… with a car.


new-dog-8-300x226My Solution to the Gun Crisis If more guns make us safer, as many gun-rights advocates claim, then everybody should one, including your best friend.



I talk to The Times An interview with me on our digital strategy, circa 2008. Interesting to read what I thought about back then — and how much younger I looked!


Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 4.03.54 PM

My Official Biography It must be true — I read it on Wikipedia.




…Oh, and a few more “related” links:


Relationship Recovery Center Having trouble with your relationship? You need to talk to my wife.



app-icon-1024Addicaid My daughter Sam’s awesome startup: Help for recovering addicts and alcoholics.




Inverseinverse My daughter Alex is the senior director for social media at this San Francisco, CA-based media company that targets a millennial male audience.